Travis Hofmeister

Danny Moss is an outstanding real estate agent. We met with Danny months before buying our home just to see the neighborhoods in the area that we wanted to move to. He was incredibly patient with the long day of tours- all while providing great information about every development we visited.
The most important part to note about Danny is how well he handled our real estate transaction. What I did not mention before is that we were living out of the state at the time. The first time we saw our new home was the morning that we closed for our final walk through. Danny handled everything for us! He toured the home on his own, provided great feedback on what the property looked like and was very detailed on what might need to be done to the property to make it feel like ours. He scheduled the home inspection and was present during that time so he could relay all information to us so that he knew we were confident in the home that we were purchasing. He was so knowledgeable about the entire process and made sure everything was done when it needed to be done; he even reached out to my loan officer on my behalf to make sure they were progressing at the rate that they needed to be. His knowledge, patience and diligence completely removed the stress of home buying.
Danny also has checked in on us a couple times after we moved in, which demonstrates how passionate he is about his clients.
I would personally recommend Danny to all of my family and friends for their real estate needs

— Travis Hofmeister