Kelmor Wallace

I am happy to recommend Danny Moss .
After my husband,of 60 years, died, my son insisted that I move to a retirement home. I did not enjoy that, in fact I hated it! So I decided to buy a home, if I could find one I wanted, at a price I wanted. I had used “Keller Williams” in the past, so I called them, Danny Moss came to my rescue! He would come to the retirement home, pick me up, show me several homes each week, He quickly understood what I wanted in a home. He stayed in my price range, and with homes that were of interest to me.He sent me emails showing homes the thought I would like, I did usually like them. We would go look. I had the chance of meeting his lovely wife, They became my friends!
I DID find the house that I wanted, right price, right size. Danny continued to be helpful until I moved in to MY house!
I were to write all the good things about Danny Moss…It would take pages, and pages. Thank you Danny!! I am happy in my new home!

— Kelmor Wallace